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This is my new icon journal. I have another one but it's fairly old and now I only use for color bar codes. And I had to make the entire journal public in order to do it so I created a new icon journal. I would have kept the old one but I don't like how someone could just easily steal an icon and claim it as their own. D:

My old icon journal can be found at: ashleys_icons. And my normal journal can be found here: momo.

1. Comment to be added, if you don't I will not add you back.
2. Comment if you're taking an icon. You don't have to ask or anything, just take it and leave me a comment.
3. Icons may be used on any journal site. (AboutMyLife, GreatestJournal, ect.)
4. Credit is required. Just put something like "Icon by Poikilosphobia@LJ" or "Icon by Momo@LJ" in the description.

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